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Welcome to the Sunshine Room our 420 Friendly Caribbean House

Welcome to our Caribbean home which we are sharing with you.

  • Friendly, relaxing decor, safe chill environment
  • 10 min walk to train/bus station
  • 3 city buses at the complex.
  • Friendly cat in the home.
  • Rates will vary with length of stay.
  • All messages will be returned after 5 pm.
  • We do not speak or read french.
  • For a stay of 30 days or more message us.

Enjoy our sun themed guest room. Tropical linens & towels.Relaxing decor, bamboo floors, ceiling fan, wifi & flat screen tv. This room is perfect for you.
Watch sports big screen or chat with other residents in our cozy Caribbean living room.

Arrange your arrival time in advance If you are going to be past your scheduled arrival time let us know an extra fee of $10.00 will apply. Day passes for bus avail with advance notice cost 8.75 /pass.


The house is still being renovated. We are 420 and tobacco friendly for outdoor smoking only.



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Q What are your cannabis policies?

The house is still being renovated. We are 420 and tobacco friendly for outdoor smoking only..
House Rules
Your space includes Tropical friendly décor, bed linens, desk, dresser, shared bathroom laundry room communal living room/ Kitchen essentials small fridge,
ROOM KEY: must be returned at departure or a fee of 25.00 will be charged.
Kitchen: Cook FOOD at a LOW TEMPERATURE to AVOID a fire. Use a wood board when chopping DO NOT PUT ANYTHING HOT ON COUNTER USE WOOD BOARDS. DESIGNATED DISHES & ESSENTIALS FOR RESIDENT USE ONLY ASK FOR HELP. Wash your dishes put them away ON THE BLUE DRYING TRAY as this is for RESIDENT USE ONLY. Wipe COUNTER, STOVE when done use the spray bottle by the sink. You are REQUIRED TO BUY YOUR OWN FOOD. There will be a designated area & fridge for you to use. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE FOOD OR OTHER RESIDENTS THINGS WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Shared Bathroom 2nd floor: Using shower put the curtain INSIDE THE TUB AND USE THE FAN TO PREVENT MOLD. ONCE YOU ARE FINISHED SPRAY TUB & RINSE IT WITH THE CLEANER PROVIDED IN THE SHOWER TO REMOVE HAIR AND DEBRE. WIPE & CLEAN up ALL water that was left behind on floor sink area. You are also responsible to clean up after yourself during your stay. PLEASE DO NOT USE OTHER RESIDENTS THINGS WITHOUT PERMISSION.
Garbage/ Recycling: ALL GARBAGE GOES IN KITCHEN. RINSE ALL CANS, GLASS & PLASTIC BEFORE PUTTING THEM IN DESIGNATED BUCKET. FLATTEN ALL BOXES BEFORE PUTTING THEM IN PROPER CONTAINER. Buckets are inside & out for your convenience. Garbage gets put out in front of the house on FRI MORNINGS except for when there is a holiday. There is only 1 garbage bag per week due to our city bylaws.

Energy Usage:This is an energy conserving home Utilities are to be kept to minimal usage. Please turn things OFF. If we find that you are keeping lights on all day and night then an extra fee will be charged. Winter months Keep curtains open during the day to allow natural sunlight to warm the room. In the summer months keep curtains closed in the daytime to keep the room cool open them in the evening. To operate ceiling fan use the cords that are attached to it. The dial on the wall is used for winter time only for heating the room. Do not have heat on and the window open.

Noise/Doors: Please DO NOT SLAM DOORS. When opening & closing doors TURN the HANDLE or you will break the lock. Quiet time is 11 pm on week days. Special events MAY HAPPEN ON WEEKENDS this will cause more noise than usual. When using the kitchen late at night or early in morning pls try to keep noise to a minimum.

Cat she is very friendly DO NOT FEED HER OR LEAVE YOUR FOOD BY ITSELF AT ANYTIME OR SHE WILL MAKE IT DISAPPEAR. You can hide it in microwave. She is not allowed outside. Keep SCREEN DOOR CLOSED at all times. If she GETS OUT YOU WILL need to BRING HER INSIDE THE HOUSE. She has access to the whole house. If you do not want her in your room just keep the door closed.

Smoking & Alcohol: Smoking of any kind is ONLY ALLOWED OUTSIDE either at the back fence or 20 feet away from the house. If damages occur from this being done anywhere extra fees will be charged. You are welcome to drink during your stay please keep them in the kitchen, living room or back yard if things get out of control further action will be taken police may be involved.

If the suspicious activity or improper behavior occurs you will be asked to permanently leave the premises with your belongings. You will not be refunded for any money pertaining to your stay.

If we are away there will be an assigned person to take our place. They will be responsible to be in-home while we are away and you are to follow what they say. Room checks will be done on a regular basis to ensure everything is clean and in working order. You are responsible to keep your room clean at all times this means things off the floor and no garbage laying around. My contact info will be available to you.

Parking: parking lots are available throughout the complex.

Communication: If we need to leave you a message it will be on your wipe out board attached to your door.
SECURITY/ NEIGHBORS: Due to Nosy neighbours across the way we ask that you do not give them any info regarding your stay. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION REGARDING THIS MATTER. DAMAGE TO HOUSE, RESIDENTS BELONGINGS or THEFT WILL RESULT IN EXTRA FEES BEING CHARGED and you may be required to PERMANENTLY leave the premises.

OTHER THINGS TO NOTE: You are on your own schedule there is no time curfew once you receive your room key. No candles in the room due to fire hazard. You are required to leave your room clean put all garbage and recycling in kitchen area and clean up after yourself when using any areas of the house.

IF WE ALL DO OUR PART in following the information of the house this will make for a SAFER, MEMORABLE STAY for everyone. If you have any concerns need assistance or have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us we will do what we can to help.


If any of the above is not being followed you may be asked to leave the premises with your belongings. You will not be refunded for any money pertaining to your stay.