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Flexing my muscles on Broadway baby!
Jacob Queenstein

Wrote a review


Up in Smoke Cannabis – Vancou...

Flexing my muscles on Broadway baby

LOL, I'm having a blast tonight writing reviews of some of my top dispensaries in Van. I'm smoking some great BC bud right now fro Continue Reading

Jacob Queenstein

Wrote a review


I only go here when special deals are pushed to me The place is fancy Continue Reading

Jacob Queenstein

Wrote a review


These gals are over-the-top helpful and keen to serve the good word of Continue Reading

Jacob Queenstein

Wrote a review


THC Canada on Main

Just easy and good bud

I pop in here after work sometimes and pick up some of their killer or Continue Reading

Jacob Queenstein

Wrote a review


Kootenay Cannabis on Kingsway

My dealer for long time

This has been my corner pot shop for a long time since before it was K Continue Reading

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Canna Tourism

The Evolution Of Weed Culture In Canada: A Timeline

Discover the fascinating timeline of Canada’s evolving weed culture. From counterculture rebellion to legalization, explore the milestones and impact on society.

Weed Tourism In Canada: What You Need To Know

Embark on a cannabis-themed adventure in Canada! Discover the country’s thriving cannabis culture, from dispensaries to marijuana-friendly activities. Get all the essential info for unforgettable weed tourism.

Cannabis Activities Guide Vancouver

Vancouver has always been known for its progressive approach to cannabis and vibrant cultural scene, way before cannabis was legalized back in 2018. It’s the best city for cannabis tourism related activates, event, and things to do and enjoy while smoking the herb. The city offers a wide range of cannabis-related experiences, from visiting Vancouver’s best […]

Cannabis Tourism Toronto: Activity and Events Guide

So, you’re curious about cannabis tourism, eh? Let’s break it down – it’s all about kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying some of Canada’s best cannabis while you’re out exploring new places. Now, if Toronto is on your cannabis tourism radar, then this activity guide is for you! I’ve got a whole stash of recommendations lined […]

Beyond the Buzz: The Deal on Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Feature image: The New Amsterdam Cannabis Café in Vancouver Welcome to The Great White North. Canada’s got it all – stunning nature, chill vibes, vibrant cities, and now, legal adult-use cannabis. If you’re looking to sample the finest cannabis products the world has to offer, you will find it here. And if you are looking […]

Farmgate Cannabis Stores Guide – Canna Tourism Canada

Your definitive canna tourism guide to Canada’s Farmgate stores. Farmgate dispensaries represent a new frontier for cannabis in Canada when it comes to canna-tourism. New trails are being blazed that are strengthening Canada’s position as an international destination in the industry. Farmgate Cannabis stores or dispensaries are budding up across Canada and are expected to […]

Best of Lists

4 Best Dispensaries in Victoria BC

Welcome to Victoria’s premier cannabis guide where you’ll learn about the city’s vibrant weed scene. With a flourishing array of about 30 licensed dispensaries, each adding a unique hue to the city’s green tapestry. From quaint boutique experiences to larger, modern stores, the variety here is rich and inviting. Join us as we navigate through […]

5 Best Dispensaries Toronto: Based on Reviews

Finding the best dispensaries in Toronto can be an enjoyable task, depending on how you look at it. There are over 215 licensed dispensaries in Toronto in 2023, and there are several ways to find information about the top-rated and best reviewed ones. The undisputed method to find the best dispensaries is to ask locals [...]

Best Dispensaries Muskoka

Explore the thriving cannabis scene in Muskoka, Ontario’s cottage country, known for its beautiful landscapes, serene lakes, and outstanding dispensaries. But there’s more to Muskoka than its natural beauty. In recent years, the area has become quite the hub for the cannabis industry, reflecting a broader shift in cultural attitudes towards this once-taboo plant. In […]

5 Best Dispensaries in Calgary: Based on Reviews

Welcome to our guide, your compass to the top 5 best dispensaries in Calgary. With a whopping count of over 208 licensed stores in the city, it’s like a hide and seek game in 2023! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our weed detectives have put their magnifying glasses to good use. Relying on […]

Best Dispensary Kelowna Based on Top-Rated Reviews

Finding the best dispensary in Kelowna, BC can be a fun task depending on how you look at it. There are several ways to find information about the cannabis stores in Kelowna and West Kelowna to help discover which ones are top-rated and recommended. The undisputed method to find the best dispensaries is by asking […]

Discover the Best Craft Cannabis Brands in Canada – Super Quads for Stoners

If you’re looking for the best craft cannabis in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. With the success of cannabis legalization in Canada, craft cannabis popularity is going mainstream in 2023. You can now score top shelf weed from most cannabis brands in Canada, but with endless options out there, how do you choose […]

Cannabis News

Support BC Craft Cannabis

Learn more about British Columbia’s best craft cannabis brands and support the movement. Find craft cannabis near me from local dispensaries and post your reviews.

Is BC Bud the Best in the World? An Exploration of Canada’s Legacy

Cover photo: My unboxing pic of BC God Bud, my favorite BC Bud strain of all time. Is BC Bud the Best in the World? Ah, the age-old debate about BC Bud being the world’s best! It’s a topic that’s as lively and spirited as a good old-fashioned get-as-stoned-as-possible contest at a cannabis café in […]

What is Craft Cannabis? The Canadian Legacy and the Future

Craft Cannabis in Canada… Has a unique and rich history that’s filled with grey clouds but mixed with rays of sunshine. It’s a legendary history that deserves to be told. Starring unique characters who might tell you wild stories of profitable ventures; a thriving underground economy that sustained small communities everywhere; a story of marginalized […]

Legacy to Legal – The Story of Two Craft Cannabis Brands

The most popular and best legacy cannabis brands in Canada have reputations of infamous prestige among their loyal fans. It’s quite unreal actually, the debates on Reddit get expressive on every detail about the strains, genetics, and the brand’s lore. Just like how a Batman vs Superman debate always goes – neverending and unresolved. This […]

Pistol and Paris

Pistol and Paris is bringing the same B.C. Bud you’ve smoked for years in the legacy market to legal cannabis retailers. We are a luxury cannabis company with legacy roots. We are passionate about the plant, its history, cultivation methods, and strains. Our team travels throughout British Columbia to find top craft quality cannabis for […]


If you’re searching for that fire, you’ve found it! This brand is for the real smokers, the blazers, the connoisseurs. It starts with the growers, masters with decades of cultivation experience. Next comes genetics. Exotic crosses, indoor-grown, small-batch, hand-trimmed, hung dry and meticulously cured. Find BLKMKT products that are retailed in dispensaries near you. Click […]

BC Craft Farmers CO-OP

We stand for BC’s legendary craft cannabis. For decades BC has been home to thousands of world-renowned craft farmers known for cultivating high-quality, small-batch cannabis. Unfortunately, over-regulation has prevented BC’s innovative craft cannabis sector from achieving its full potential, keeping tens of thousands of these highly skilled Canadians out of the market they created. Recognizing […]

Best 420 Friendly Rentals in BC

Hotel Zed Tofino – 420 Friendly

Hotel Zed in the rainforest of Tofino. Hotel Zed Tofino is a totally 70’s hotel nestled in the rainforest of Tofino, with amenities you’d never expect and never forget! Where else in the world would you find a bike path that runs straight through the lobby? Or a psychic’s den, custom driftwood VW interactive van, […]

Eldorado Resort

Discover Eldorado Resort in Kelowna – the ultimate lakeside getaway. Proud to offer designated consumption spaces on-site, including a rooftop patio and lakeside spaces. Located in the heart of Kelowna, Eldorado Resort (circa 1926) is the perfect destination for those looking for a luxurious lakeside escape. With its stunning views of Lake Okanagan, enjoy the […]

Hotel Zed Victoria – 420 Friendly

Welcome to Hotel Zed Victoria – 420 Friendly THE FIRST-EVER HOTEL ZED Hotel Zed Victoria has it all. Just ten minutes from the downtown core, you can catch a ride for free in our vintage VW shuttle vans. Want to explore on your own? We have free bike and longboard rentals. (Kids bikes and tandem […]

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Kootenay Cannabis Castleg...

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1306 Columbia Ave, Castlegar, BC V1N 2L2, Canada

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Dispensary Storefronts Open Now

The Green Bouquet Cannabi...

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15 South Mary Lake Road unit 2, Port Sydney, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada


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