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Budhub.ca is an online portal that helps Canadians locate recreational dispensaries near them anywhere in Canada. Users can locate cannabis stores for same day delivery, pickup, or in-store shopping and filter to find products and services that are their best match.

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The Budhub Team and Mission

Our team consists of cannabis experts when it comes to the legal recreational market in Canada. From cannabis products and brands to storefronts and delivery services, we have been there since day one of legalization, following its ups and downs and riding the upward curve. We understand what Canadians are searching for most and are committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date cannabis-related information and location services.

We are all experienced cannabis industry professionals who have been in the business since the early days of medical marijuana legalization in Canada. We are a group of passionate and dedicated journalists, content creators, graphic designers, cannabis advocates and legal framework gurus.

Our mission is to consistently deliver the most updated cannabis location-based content in Canada. From feature articles and brands to the best delivery services in your city, we promise to help make your experience and time on Budhub.ca memorable and effortless.


Find your favorite cannabis brands near you with reviews and highlights.


Find the best delivery services near you. With user reviews and lots of handy filter options.


To consistently deliver the most updated cannabis location-based content in Canada.


We are cannabis enthusiasts with endless inspiration to help make your experince better.