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NSLC Cannabis Online Store Halifax

Cannabis Mail-Order Delivery Nova Scotia

Legal cannabis delivery in Nova Scotia is only available by the NSLC, the government-run retail online store that offers mail-order service. All cannabis purchases will be delivered by Canada Post to the shipping address associated with your order in the Province of Nova Scotia only.

Shipping Charges

  • There is a $7 (tax included) flat rate shipping charge. Shipped by Canada Post within 3-5 days

Other Important Cannabis Regs in Nova Scotia

  • Must be the minimum age of 19 years to use recreational cannabis
  • You can have up to 30 grams of dried cannabis (or equivalent) with you in public. There are no restrictions on how much you can keep in your home, as long as it’s for personal use
  • Consuming cannabis in public is not permitted, You can use cannabis in the privacy of your own home
  • Cannabis in any form cannot be used in vehicles by passengers or drivers
  • The rules for transporting cannabis in a vehicle are the same as alcohol. Cannabis must be in a closed, sealed package and out of reach from anyone in the vehicle

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Q How much cannabis can I buy?

There's a 30-gram limit on what you can buy and possess at any one time and the NSLC is the only licensed retailer.

Q How strong will the product be?

Product labels will include CBD and THC levels ranging from a low of two percent to a maximum of 24 percent.

Q How can I buy online?

The online store will require customers to have a special access code that will only be available to pick up storefront locations.

You'll need an ID for that, to prove you are over 19 years old, which is the legal age to possess and use pot in Nova Scotia.

Q What is the legal age to possess and use cannabis in Nova Scotia.

You must be a minimum of 19 years of age.

Q Can I drive with cannabis in the car?

RCMP Cpl. Dal Hutchinson has also advised people who buy cannabis to treat their purchases the way they currently do beer, wine or hard liquor.

"If you go to the liquor store and you buy a 40 ouncer of rum or a case of beer, you're required to put it away in a part of the vehicle, a compartment that's away from the driver or its occupants," he said. "Same thing applies when you go to buy your cannabis."

"You have to keep it in a secure location whether it be in a trunk or in a container in the back of a truck or in the case of a minivan have it in the very back, maybe in a floor compartment," he said.

Simply tossing the bag into a cupholder would get you in trouble.

"We have encountered that where people, whether it be alcohol or drugs they hop into their vehicle and throw that two or three gram in the cup holder or in the dash of their vehicle," he said.

"That's not OK."

Q Where can I smoke?

It is off-limits to smoke cannabis in the car, for starters.

"We're asking people if they see people using cannabis in a vehicle whether the vehicle is mobile or parked, we ask that you call 911," said Hutchinson.

"Our priority is to make sure people do not operate vehicles while impaired by drugs or alcohol."

There are currently 61 RCMP and municipal police officers specially trained to spot drug impaired drivers. That's the most per capita of any province in Canada.

And lighting up where you're not supposed to isn't just a problem if you're in a vehicle — in Halifax you are restricted to smoking only in designated spots outside, since smoking of all kinds is now banned from sidewalks and other public property.

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