Weed Delivery Kingston Ontario

Discover top-rated same day weed delivery services provided by nearby recreational dispensaries.

Weed Delivery KingstonWeed delivery in Kingston has gone high-tech! The days of texting your dealer and getting mystery weed delivered are a thing of the past. Enter 2023, Kingstonians and tourists alike can now get legal, recreational cannabis delivered from their nearby dispensary, or more accurately termed – cannabis store. That’s right, same day weed delivery is legally permitted in Kingston and the rest of Ontario.

We got you covered if you are looking for products from your favorite cannabis brands. Each featured listing includes the popular brands they retail. So this means you can find them near you for same day delivery.

Also, find handy information about delivery in the local area in the form of FAQs located at the bottom of this article. And learn more about the city’s legal cannabis delivery regulations.

Browse around for the best of Kingston and find some 420 deals at the same time. Find some of the best-rated weed delivery services in Kingston. Budhub.ca has verified cannabis store listings that feature their same day delivery service with exclusive delivery deals and special offers. Some even have coupons and cheap weed deals that you can take advantage of!

Best Same Day Weed Delivery Kingston

Find the top-rated cannabis delivery services offered by nearby recreational dispensaries. Each featured dispensary includes delivery and pickup ordering information, coupons, 420 deals, featured cannabis brands, customer reviews, and more.

Mary J’s Cannabis – Kingston

Welcome to Mary J’s Cannabis. Now offering free local delivery to all Kingston residents. Mary J’s is a premium recreational cannabis shop based in the heart of downtown Kingston.  We are all about making your cannabis shop experience more down-to-earth, human, and accessible—just like weed should be. Wanna know our favourite strains? Anything we can […]

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The House of Cannabis – Kingston

Welcome to The House of Cannabis. We’re now offering same day delivery in Kingston. It’s finally happening. You can order all the best cannabis strains in Kingston and have them delivered right to your home in Kingston! No matter which items you might be in the market for, we’ve got a full spectrum of amazing […]

710 Kingston Cannabis Store – Princess Street

Welcome to 710 Kingston Cannabis Store. Now offering same-day delivery. Welcome to 710 Kingston, Kingston’s favourite cannabis store. Our store has the largest selection of premium legal cannabis products such as edibles, vapes, cannabis flower, concentrates, and more. At 710 Kingston, we put our customers first. We have the largest selection of quality bongs, pipes, […]

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You can find delivery services that are open with fast delivery times anywhere in the Kingston area. Use the following filters; Near Me, Open Now, Most Reviewed, Highest Rated, Most Viewed, Best Match to help find just what you are looking for.

The Best Craft Cannabis Brands Delivered

Pistol and Paris

Pistol and Paris is bringing the same B.C. Bud you’ve smoked for years in the legacy market to legal cannabis retailers. We are a luxury cannabis company with legacy roots. We are passionate about the plant, its history, cultivation methods, and strains. Our team travels throughout British Columbia to find top craft quality cannabis for […]

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Ghost Drops Canada

Ghost Drops is Canadian craft cannabis. Homegrown. Small batch. Hand-picked. Our all-star partners grow and package Ghost Drops product that’s big on potency, big on flavor, and big on bag appeal. Our award-winning strains We scour the country to bring you elite connoisseur Canadian cannabis you simply can’t find anywhere else. Find Ghost Drops products […]

1964 Supply Co

Today, the spirit of 1964 is supplied by our team of pioneers who grow quality, craft cannabis in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Local, handcrafted, and farmed with integrity. We keep it real year-round. Is there really any other way?⁠ How We Grow By mixing time-honoured traditions with modern growing practices we get a […]


If you’re searching for that fire, you’ve found it! This brand is for the real smokers, the blazers, the connoisseurs. It starts with the growers, masters with decades of cultivation experience. Next comes genetics. Exotic crosses, indoor-grown, small-batch, hand-trimmed, hung dry and meticulously cured. Find BLKMKT products that are retailed in dispensaries near you. Click […]

The Green Organic Dutchman

At The Green Organic Dutchman our philosophy is rooted in nature. Nature knows best. At The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD), we harness the undisturbed powers of nature. We nourish our plants using all-natural inputs like rainwater, sunlight, and living soil. It’s a living ecosystem that delivers a certified organic difference in flavour, aroma, and experience. […]

How Your Online Shopping Experience is Elevated

  • With accurate product inventory notifications
  • You have access to larger menu offerings that are federally approved for safety
  • All the cannabis products that are available in-store are also available online for same day delivery
  • You can track your delivery progress in real-time to help coordinate your order at the door or curbside.
  • You will even be warned when adding items to your cart if you surpass the 30-gram maximum or its equivalent, the technology does the math for you. See our FAQs at the bottom of this article for an explanation of the 30-gram maximum or its equivalent.


Here are the legal regulations that you should know:

  • Weed delivery is legally permitted in Kingston by the Ontario provincial government.
  • Only licensed cannabis retail stores and their employees are authorized to provide same day weed delivery services.
  • Ordering cannabis for mail-order delivery is only permitted by the OCS.
  • You must be the minimum age of 19 years to use recreational cannabis in Ontario.
  • You can smoke or vape cannabis anywhere tobacco smoking is allowed. It’s not allowed on school properties or even on the adjacent streets.
  • No one can use cannabis in a vehicle. Not even passengers.
  • When the delivery arrives, you will need to show a government-issued ID and your credit card for verification.
  • You can carry up to 30 grams of cannabis in public in Ontario.
  • You can purchase a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis or its equivalent per transaction.

What does 30-gram equivalent mean?

All cannabis products THC and/or CBD have a “conversion-to-flower” equivalent. It’s easy to identify when you’ve hit 30 grams of cannabis in flower format (an ounce plus 2 grams). But it’s not so straightforward for drinks, capsules, edibles, concentrates and vapes. As an example, cannabis beverages – regardless of the amount of THC or CBD in them – average out to the equivalent of 5.1 grams of cannabis flower. As another example, a gram of hashish works out to an equivalent of 4 grams of cannabis flower, and a pack of chocolate edibles works out to .67 grams of cannabis flower.

No worries though, the cannabis store’s websites will do the math for you when ordering online and let you know if you go over the 30-gram restriction.

Is there a limited cannabis menu available for delivery?

No, you can order any cannabis product for delivery that is currently available in-store from your local dispensary.  Cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, vapes and carts, THC and CBD edibles, topicals, oils, seeds, you name it.

Can I get late-night weed delivery in Kingston?

It depends on how you look at it. Delivery hours are legally controlled by the province and can only be between 9 am to 11 pm in Ontario. Each dispensary can set its own hours between those times.

How can I find dispensary deals and coupons?

Finding deals and coupons for cheap weed delivery in Kingston is easy. Each featured listing on Budhub.ca includes the dispensary’s current promotions, specials, and coupons if available. You can find them listed under the Offers/Deals tab and under the Announcements tab. Each 420 weed deal links directly to the offer hosted on the dispensary’s website for you to take advantage of directly. You can also search and filter for dispensary deals and coupons near you.

Mail-Order Delivery Kingston

Ordering recreational cannabis products for mail-order delivery in all of Ontario is only permitted by the provincially operated Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). Get your order shipped by Canada Post and expect delivery in 1 to 4 days depending on the speed of service you select.

OCS – Ontario Cannabis Store

Welcome to the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)  About Ontario Cannabis Store The Ontario Cannabis Store provides safe, responsible access to recreational cannabis for adults 19 and older. We operate the sole legal online store for recreational cannabis in Ontario and are the provincial wholesaler of cannabis for private retail stores in Ontario. Call Centre & Online […]

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